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Trijicon’s Electro Optics IR-PATROL M300W has been developed for the tactical needs of both law enforcement and military personnel. The M300W thermal monocular/scope is designed to be hand-held, rifle mounted, or mounted to a helmet in order to identify targets in poor or zero light conditions more effectively than with nightvision optics. The M300W thermal monocular/scope is rated for cartridges up to .308 Win/7.62.51mm NATO and features a digital retical, but can accomodate a clip-on reticle or can be used in conjunction with holographic/reflex sights like EOTech Holographic Sights. Trijicon IR-PATROL optics feature a 640x480 12 micron thermal core that gives the viewer a surprisingly crisp image and allows for quick target acquisition.

Trijicon’s Electro Optics IR-PATROL M300W Features:

  • Lightweight and rugged aluminum construction provides easy maneuverability.
  • 60 Hz Frame Rate allows for efficient target tracking.
  • Top mounted mini Picatinny for back-up or CQB optics like the RMR sights from Trijicon
  • Recessed thumb-stick is intuitive and makes it easy to control the unit with or without gloves.
  • Edge Detect mode eliminates night-blindness risk by only showing the edges of warm targets on a dark display.
  • Image Capture saves up to 60 images for surveillance or recon operations.
  • MAXPOL allows for White Hot or Black Hot display with 3 brightness settings for each.
  • Up to two hours of battery life at 60 Hz and close to three hours at 30 Hz.
  • Optional battery 2nd battery adapter allows for 2x the runtime (not included).
  • Wilcox Shoe interface allows compatibility with Wilcox helmet mounts.
  • Option 2x and 3x afocal magnifiers are availble.


M300W Tactical Kit Features

  • Wilcox Side Flip Mount Kit allows the M300W to be flipped to the side as to not obstruct a primary sight making it ideal for day to night operations.
  • Wilcox Helmet Interface Kit allows the right to be mounted directly to a helmet allowing for hands free use of the M300W.
  • Download cable for Image Capture feature.

Trijicon IR PATROL M300W 19mm Black Tactical Kit

  • Specifications


    • Dimensions:  5.95 in. x 2.0 in. x 2.95 in
    • Weight:  10 oz.
    • Monocular Magnification:  1x Optical / 8x Digital
    • Field of View:  22°
    • Eye Relief:  27 mm
    • Thermal Sensitivity:  < 50 mK
    • Sensor Resolution:  640x480
    • Polarity:  White Hot / Black Hot
    • Display:  Digital OLED
    • Battery Type:  CR123 Lithium
    • Operating Time:  ~ 2 hours
    • Optic Details:  Hand Held / Rifle Mounted / Helmet Mounted
    • Item Condition:  New
    • Product TypeThermal
    • UPC:  719307800793
    • MPN:  IRMO-300TK
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