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This Trijicon IR Hunter Mark III 2.5-20x Kit features a BAE Systems thermal core, 12 micron technology, EMAGIN 640x480 OLED display, 60hz fast frame rate, clip-on capabilities, stadiametric range finder, 5 reticle patterns, reticle position readouts, multiple reticle save locations, battery extended, eyeguard, tactical soft case, download cable/software, flip up lens cap, and dual-lever LaRue mount.


  • 8x Digital Zoom allows you to quickly and easily use the turrets to increase the size of the image to zoom in on your targets.
  • Fischer Video Connectors are durable and reliable, and allow the user to export the saved images and videos on the device to an external device for later review and sharing with your hunting buddies.
  • MaxPol Polarity - Switch from White Hot to Black Hot (and three levels of each variety) when it makes sense. Different conditions can make different renderings of the thermal heat easier to discern, and with MaxPol Polarity, you'll always be optimized.
  • IR Window - Your Germanium lens is protected by a highly-transmissive window that shields this costly component and ensures longevity of the optic.
  • Digital Focus Control (DFC) - Sharpen or blur your thermal image on the fly. When more detail or less image graininess is required, simply use DFC to fix it as you go.
  • Stadiametric Rangefinder - Quickly determine distance to your target using the rangefinder that's built right into the display of the IR Hunter Mark III. Just set your range units, set the target size, then adjust the range marks - and the distance to target will be displayed on-screen in the Range Read-Out display.
  • Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) - Image auto-adjusts to ensure that the reticle is never washed out in the image.


Trijicon IR HUNTER MK3 35mm

  • Specifications


    • Size:  7.4" L x 2.9" H x 3.1" W
    • Weight:  34.9 oz (989g)
    • Display: EMAGIN OLED Monochrome Display
      640x480 VGA Resolution
      10-bit Monochrome Output
      >10,000:1 Contrast
      60Hz/30Hz Selectable Frame Rate
    • Thermal Sensitivity:  <50mK
    • Magnification Range:  2.5-20x
    • Field of View:  12° Optical
      1.5° Digital
    • Eye Relief:  2.00"
    • Battery Type:  (2) CR123 3V
    • Optic Details:  Magnification: 2.5x Optical/20x Digital
      35mm Germanium Lens
    • Spectral Response:  8-12um
    • Item Condition:  New
    • Product Type:  Thermal
    • UPC:  719307800700
    • MPN:  IRMK3-35
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