This Elcan SpecterTR 1/3/9 Tri FOV Sight with 5.56 ballistic reticle is ideal with an AR style platform and includes flip-covers.

Elcan Spectre TR 1x/3x/9x riflescopes are easily the most versatile of all Elcan riflescopes. The Spectre TR 1/3/9 riflescope is the ultimate solution for operators and sport shooters alike providing an optics platform for short, medium, and long range engagements. Like Elcan’s Dual-Role riflescopes, the Spectre Tri-Role combines the best of fixed low magnification scopes like the Trijicon ACOG with the versatility of low magnification variable scopes like the Schmidt Bender PMII 1.5-8x Short. The magnification levels can be quickly changed with the turn of a radial dial saving valuable time in the field.

Elcan SpecterTR 1x/3x/9x Tri FOV Sight 5.56 TFOV139-C1

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